Ceramic tile murals are custom designed and hand painted by tile painting artist, Mimi Ross. Each tile mural is created specifically for the individual clients with their input on subject matter and color. Tile murals are perfect for kitchen back splashes, bathrooms, etc. Because the hand painted tiles are kiln fired, the murals are permanently adhered and can be installed indoors and out. 

  •  Hi Mimi, I'm so thrilled with the mural I can't stand it!

    You do amazingly beautiful work. This exceeds my wildest expectations. It really is a masterpiece and the heart of the house. I'm so glad it's where everyone can see it! My tile installers were in awe. It truly is a work of art and more than I could have ever hoped for. Thank you!!! ...Cherry Adair, WA


  • "Oh my gosh, Mimi, it's breathtaking!!!!  It is so beautiful!!!!!  I knew it would be gorgeous, but it is beyond my dreams.  It was more than worth the wait!!!!!  It is so beautiful, I am in tears as I write this!!!! I knew it would happen and I knew it would be beautiful, but I am just overwhelmed with its beauty.... it was soooooooo worth it.  But it's your fabulous talent that surpasses any words!!!! I'm still overwhelmed and needless to say not very productive today!!!!!  Everyone at my work is so impressed and envious.....they also can't wait to see it installed!!!! THANK YOU....THANK YOU....THANK YOU!!!It's like a dream come true.  Your quote, "Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but be the moments that take our breath away"... well, your talent for my mural has definitely taken our breath away!!!!

     You are the best and I'm so proud to have a little of your great talent in my kitchen." ...Janice Millhouse, CA


  • "Dear Mimi,
    we can't thank you enough!
    We send you this little note to let you know how much we love the mural.
    Finally we have unpacked it,  that is arrived safely, and watching one by one the all tiles,
    we realized that all our astonishment and joy are by means of you because for us
    the mural is a marvel and, with sincere feeling, we love it very much.
    It is made with great skill and it will be perfect for the small porch at the entrance to our house.
    We are proud to heave enriched the pleasures of our house and our life, with a piece of your
    extraordinary talent and art.
    From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you to have help us giving colour to the emotions
    of our most ancient dream....
    Once again we are thanking you for your patiente and kindness, wishing you joy and good luck.
    With profound respect, Elide e Sebastiano from Castelleone village - Italy"


  • "I always knew it would be fantabulous......when you did our sketch, that even surpassed my dreams, but I never thought it would be as breathtaking and captivating as it is.  It is simply out of this world.  I can't tell you how ecstatic I am and always will be that I found you and I have such a gorgeous piece of your talent in my wonderful kitchen.  I loved the feel and style of your murals immediately when I found your website, but my mural is just so much more than I could ever have wanted or dreamed of.  My girlfriends have said, you captured the softness, the invitingness, the warmth, and the hospitality they feel when they're with me in our home .  (They're also the best friends, you could have!!!)  They say it's not only beautiful, it's me and an  extension of the love they feel when we're together!!! Oh my goodness, Mimi!!!!!   We are so awe struck!!!!! 
    THANK YOU.....THANK YOU   ......THANK YOU.....for sharing your talent and making my dream kitchen all that and more." ...follow-up from Janice Millhouse, after installation of mural


  • WOW! The mural is amazing.  I've been staring at it for the past hour and can't take my eyes off of it.
    You were right the photos did not do it justice. You are quite an extraordinary artist.
    Thank you so much from our family!" ... Michael Young, SC
  • Dear Mimi, we are totally delighted with the beautiful mural. Thank you for the excellence of your artistry! We will enjoy it forever!!! ...Jill Houle, MI
  • Mimi --  WE ARE THRILLED!!!!!!  The mural is WONDERFUL.....PERFECT..... MORE

    THAN WE EVEN EXPECTED!!!!!  THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!! ...Thanks again for the beautiful addition to our house... Carolyn Thalman, Minnesota

  • The mural is more beautiful than ever imagined!!!  We are so excited and 200% satisfied and we can't thank you enough!  My husband LOVED the geese and the beautiful colors and most of all the "condeb" on the boat with CD on the flag!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  ...Debbie Conrad, CA

  •  Oh Mimi!  I finally got the tiles unpacked and put together last night - and it's just stunning.  Your work on the trumpet vines is absolutely spectacular - the whole composition.  I can't wait to get it installed so that I can get lost in it every day!  You have indeed taken our breath away. It was well worth the wait. Many thanks! ...Laura Timm, Wisconsin 
  • Dear Mimi, we are totally delighted with the beautiful mural. Thank you for the excellence of your artistry! We will enjoy it forever!!! ...Jill Houle, MI
  •  "Mimi, the mural is beautiful!!!  I just can't believe it.  I just about cried (from happiness) when I saw it. I knew your sketch was good - but not having seen the actual color scheme - I wasn't 100% sure what it was going to look like.  One of the owners of the design firm that is remodeling our house said it would be a sin and that we'd be kicking ourselves for years if we put the pot fill line through it....we agreed. 

    We don't really need one anyhow. Again the mural is just perfect! "


    The mural and our kitchen look GREAT... EVERYONE LOVES the mural!!! It's absolutely perfect for the kitchen and the colors could not be any better of a match!!! Thank you so very much!... Christina Rodgers, Carmel, CA


  • Mimi, WOW! Just opened up the mural and laid it out on the carpet~~~ it absolutely took my breath away! I can tell you how excited my husband (and envious friends) will be when they get to see it for the first time!  You DID go beyond my expectations...way beyond!   You should be very proud of your work!  Thank you so very much for taking this special project on, it will have sentimental value for years to come in our new home by the shore!

    I absolutely love it!!  It came out better than I imagined!  You really nailed it~~~ I can't wait for everyone to see! Thank you so very much for your hard work...and talent! I'm very excited things are FINALLY coming together with the house!!  The mural is the ''cherry on the sundae!"
    Thank you again for making this experience so special! Thank you, thank you! ...Lisa Sagui, NJ

    Update from Lisa, a few months later: "The mural is just so beautiful, it is such a focal point in the kitchen!  You walk into the kitchen, and just gasp!! I'm the envy of XXXX!! It looks soooo great in the kitchen...absolutely perfect!   It's become quite the conversation starter!   THANK YOU again for putting such heart and soul into it!"

  • Mimi, I know I have emailed and called you to thank you, but really I can't thank you enough! We all love this mural so much. It's the centerpiece of our home, and it's Perfect! One of the things my son said when we opened the tiles was, "We can NEVER sell this home!" - and we never will. Your mural is the icing on the cake. Thanks so much Mimi! ...Toni Greenside, CA
  • I began the process of researching what type of medium to select. I came upon your site and was blown away. You obviously have honed your craft to works of fine art... very impressive. ...L. Ewing
  • Mimi:

    The mural arrived today - Wheeeeeeee! We laid it out and it is absolutely gorgeous!  If it's  possible, better that we had imagined!  We will send you photographs as soon as we have it installed.  You did a fantastic job and we are so very pleased.  The colors are great and will add so much to the kitchen  - it matches wonderfully.

     I will mail the final check first thing tomorrow.  We are so happy!   Thank you again, Lynn and Hugo, Texas

  • Good Morning, Mimi,

    I had so much fun putting the murals together on the kitchen table. Looking at it one piece at a time as the whole mural unfolded. WOW ... just sat there for a few minutes and took it all in. Really, really beautiful. You did a wonderful job, really. Can't get over how wonderful the whole thing is. And the close up of the wolf, I'm just speechless (though I haven't run out of words). THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ... I really love it and can hardly wait for George to get home and take a look at it......I absolutely love what you've done. There are no words to express my thanks for the wonderful mural you created for me. ...Frankie 

  • Wanted to let you know that I got the tiles on Friday and all intact.

    And the tile layer put them up already and they look AWESOME!!!!  I've had A LOT of compliments from the Builder and the workers.  My Mom is very impressed also, definitely will have another customer for you!!

    I'll take pictures when it's through to show you!

    THANKS AGAIN!!! ...Gail Walker, Indiana

  • We explored literally hundreds of murals, artists and copies. Your work is what we want to look at for the next 20 years. ...Bill Murphy, Oregon
  • "The mural arrived and we LOVE it! You couldn't have done a better job capturing our dogs and the wildlife and the landscape of Fowl Meadow. Michael said it's just like looking out a window and I agreed - PERFECT for the backsplash area over our stove. Thank you so much for bringing this favorite place of ours to life, there to savor every day in our new kitchen. It will definitely be the highlight of the room. You're the best!" ...Alison and Michael Biggs, Massachusetts
  • I thought all you murals were beautiful, so could only imagine they'd be even more so in person.  And then the sketch was great.  The picture of the finished mural on the website was fantastic.  Then when we unpacked it and put it on the island it was awesome....and then when it was installed, it took our breath away!!!  ...Janice Millhouse
  • Thanks Mimi. You've been a joy to work with and I'll always be happy to recommend your work to anyone. ...Laura Timm, WI
  •  I just spoke/met Janice today and saw the mural you did for her. The internet doesn't do it justice!!!! It is unbelievably gorgeous.  I can't wait. I definitely want to have you do me a mural as soon as possible! ...Teresa Mortenson CA
  • I sat by the door and waited for the UPS man all day.  It finally arrived at 4:45.  You packed it very well.  It took me awhile to take off all the tape and plastic.  It is absolutely breathtaking.  The picture you sent was beautiful but it looks so much prettier in person.  You can really see all the detail and the color.  I am so happy with it!!! ...Teresa Mortenson CA
  • When the contractor saw your/our mural all he said was, "wow". Than are you kidding me? Somebody painted that? Washington State? How did you find this person? That's how the conversation went :) as the contractor stood there with his mouth open. ...Cathy Chizmar, NJ
  • Our package arrived yesterday in perfect condition.  And the mural is exactly as I had hoped it would look.  I can hardly wait to get it installed.  We'll be the envy of the neighborhood!  The colors are perfect....bright and true and your artwork is outstanding.
    Thank you so much for your fine craftsmanship.  It was also a pleasure to work with you. ...Gail Singh, Tennessee
  • Dear Mimi,

    Just wanted to send you a little note to let you know (again)  how much I love my mural.  I'm so glad I splurged!!! ...Doug Seward, Mass.

  • "Hi Mimi, OH my Gosh!!!!!!!!!  I just had the tiles installed this morning. They look fantastic. They make the kitchen .Thank you so much. You do beautiful work.  I just can not tell you how pleased we are!  Thanks again!!!"  ...Sharon Carroll, IL
  • Heart Be Still! The mural is over the top!  Thank you Mimi!    Gratefully, Patti Eaton ...Idaho
  • Mimi-
    The mural arrived.  It is FANTASTIC.  What a treasure! It will look just terrific in the space planned.  I'm very pleased and you should be very proud of your work.  I've only unpacked the left 2/3 of it all, since I need to put a couple leaves in the table to spread it all out.  But, I'm as far as the squirrel and that is the perfect touch. I laughed when I saw it. (Did I tell you that the squirrels use the fence outside the kitchen as a race track?) The colors are great and the red canoe matched the other tile perfectly! I love the fall colors and the blues of the lake and sky.
    Thank you so much for your work. It has been a real pleasure working with you! ...Terry Keeling, Minneapolis, MN
  • Mimi, enclosed are pictures of your mural in the finished kitchen!!! It is just great. My tile man said it is the most interesting and beautiful tile mural he has ever installed anywhere/anytime and we are talking about Martha's Vineyard! - the place where trophy homes abound. Thank you so much. I hope to have you do another soon. If you EVER come this way look me up! Peace, ... Doug Seward, Martha's Vineyard
  • "Mimi, it has arrived safely!  It is beautiful!  It looks even more beautiful than the picture. I can't wait to show it off!  Now I have to go back and touch it and look at it for a while. I am so happy!  Thank you so much for the beautiful work!" ...Mardi, Canada
  • The mural is ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING!!!! ... Tony Imparato, CA
  • The tiles came today.  They are gorgeous!  The photo doesn't do them justice. ...I wish we had another kitchen to do so we could use you again! ...Laura Pollard, CA
  • Hi, your work is beautiful!  My husband and I came across your work and were stopped in our tracks!  The other murals we've seen don't even compare!  We have recently become art collectors. ...Debbie Conrad, CA
  • Absolutely love your work!   I have scanned close to fifty websites and a dozen showrooms to find my dream backsplash for a kitchen. I've waited for sixteen years.  Nothing compares to your brilliant artistry.  ...M. Bouchard
  • I was browsing sites for murals, when I came upon yours. You are so gifted, your murals cannot be compared to any others. I honestly feel anyone that purchases your work should be honored to have your wonderful talent on display....Linda Ferratti
  • "(The mural) is awesome and we all love it!  You did a great job, and thank you so much for doing exactly what you said you would do.  It is hard these days to find people who will honor their word. Thanks again Mimi, you did a wonderful job, and I look forward to using your services again in the near future."  Julie Bennett, interior designer
  • Hi, Mimi-
    We had our annual holiday party last night and I have to tell you that the mural was a big hit. Most people are amazed that you don't live here and have never seen in person the view you captured. ... update from Terry Keeling in Minneapolis
  •  Mural is exquisite!  My wife is elated with your vision and your work and it will be admired by all in the busiest room in the house.  I will send you a picture as soon as it is installed.  Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for your beautiful work. ...Bill Murphy, Oregon
  • Hi Mimi,

     Your sketch is terrific and exactly what I think she needs -- FAR BETTER (in her case) than any other concept we have worked through. I could not be more excited. Thank you SO much for your patience and interest (above and beyond the call of duty) for getting this "right". Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for such a wonderful job. I can hardly wait to see the finished mural!   ....Liz, interior designer

  • Thank you Mimi - for excellent Tuscan Fresco - we love it! ... Nick and Linda Calebro
  •  We received the mural yesterday and it's wonderful!  My

    husband is especially impressed and he likes it even better

    than our other one.  Truly beautiful and perfect for us. 

    We can't thank you enough! Be sure I will be recommending you! ...Trish Dobson


  • My mural is so beautiful, right now I still have it laid out on the floor; the tiler is coming Saturday! again I can't wait to send you pics! It is so beautiful everyone who sees it is in total awe!!!!!!!!  ... G.B., NY
  • Oh Mimi, 

     The sketch is just glorious!  You captured exactly what I wanted - and so beautifully!  The patio looks like it will be alive with warmth and color. I love your perspective and composition, the wall (with tile) the water, the hills, everything you did.

     This is just a quick note to tell you how happy we are and that we'd like to commit to working with you. We know you'll do a fabulous job! 

    Also, we're so sure we're going to love it, we think we should increase the dimensions slightly and make sure we fill the entire space. Thanks for your kindness, patience and effort! ...Laura Timm, Wisconsin

  • Dear Mimi
    The mural arrived an hour ago.  Tiles are all intact.  The mural is beautiful and is almost exactly how I pictured it.  I like the fact that you have an impressionistic style in your painting.  You did a great job on capturing the vineyards of France. ...Sharyn Kennedy
  • Your vineyard's and Mediterranean scenes "took my breath away"!  Your use of colors, detail, content, style and balance is exquisite and has quite an impact. ...Jacqueline, Diamond Tile
  • I was just browsing some tile mural websites and happened upon yours.  Your work is, in a word, A-W-E-S-O-M-E.  You are so talented...I live in an apartment, so I can't get any tiles for my walls right now, but I just wanted to give you that compliment; I'm impressed--your work is way superior. Take care    ...Leah
  • Hi Mimi, we received the mural and it is beautiful! Tom and I love it. You captured everything we wanted in a unique design for our kitchen. As I opened the box, and pieced together the mural, I had SUCH anticipation! Our family and friends will surely ask where we got such a beautiful piece of art. I'm keeping your contact information for use in the future. Thank you SO MUCH for your creativity and for considering our unique needs. ...Claire Vernaleken
  • The mural was hung yesterday, and I am so thrilled!  It looks gorgeous!!! It really is fabulous....can't wait to show it off...The tile guy is an "old school" fellow who's been doing this for 35 years. He was so impressed by the quality of your artwork! thanks so much, Alison
  • Hello Mimi
    While on my journey of insight through the web of creation that is the internet i happened upon your site. I found it original and evocative. You are a unique voice in cyberspace. With profound respect i wish you joy and prosperity. ...Michael Teal
  • I love the tiles!!! ...I have company coming on the 17th and I am so excited it is up to show off. Thanks for the focal point of my kitchen!  ...Rosanne
  • IT's AWESOME! Thanks and I may have some ideas in September. Love, Angela PS You do have to come and visit!
  •  oh my god you are so amazing i just showed my co-worker we both flipped out i cant wait speak to you soon you are amazing!!!!thanks mimi ...Gary, NYC

  •  I love your Fruit Urn and Bowl and also the basket of fruit. They are the best I've seen! ...Carrie

  •  MiMi, I love your work. You have an excellent eye and hand. ...Heidi, Oklahoma


  •  Hi Mimi - your work is extraordinary! ...I just love your work! ...Sally 


  •  Your murals are so beautiful.  I have fallen in love with your work. don't really care what kind of tile or stone you use as long as one of your beautiful murals are painted on it!!! ...Julie


  •  I really enjoyed looking at your website!  Your creations are spectacular. ...Suzanne

  •  Thank you for letting me visit your extraordinary art.  I very much enjoyed viewing these tiles of delight.  If I'm ever involved in remodeling, I will
    certainly remember your work.  It's wonderful. ...Eleanor
  •  The Harley is spectacular! ...I feel bad I can't show you my appreciation, think you are both lovely and professional....Angela. Note from Angela 2 yrs later: "We have people who come to see the Harley Davidson mural as a pilgrimage!"


  • (The sketches) look just like I pictured them. They are awesome!  Thank you very much-I can't wait to see the finished product.   ...Jeff
  • I spent last evening on my computer, searching through the various offerings -- there are so many pretty ones available -- but stopped when I found your site and "Chie's Mural".  It's absolutely lovely.  The elements are so peaceful looking and the colors -- if what I'm seeing on my monitor are true -- are pure joy.  As I look at the copy I made from your site picture, it gives me the feeling that I could easily sink into the scene and spend a tranquil afternoon just gazing at all that is before me.  I hope that's what you intended!

    Thank you for your time and attention, Mimi.  Your work is a joy to see.  How much pleasure your work must bring to those for whom you create! ...Donna Bond, Nashville TN


  • Mimi, WOWEEEE HOW BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to having it put up in our kitchen!!!!  Exciting!!!!  Thanks for all your hard work! ...Olivia, CA
  • May God bless you as you share your talents in bringing beauty & joy into the lives & homes of many. ...Ron & Sharon Myers
  • I can't believe someone with terrific talent like you is doing this. What beautiful work. ...Henry, CA


  •  am really pleased. The colors are radiant and, since the kitchen is all white with red accents, it is perfect.
    Thank you so very much.  It iwas worth the wait ! ! ! ! ! Many, many thanks for your extraordinary art!  Most respectfully and with appreciation  ...Jacqui Garracci
  •  Thanks Mimi...I love it. It was worth the wait!
    I wish you the best and will be proud to display your talent in my home. ... Shelley Knappenberger

  •  Hi Mimi,
    The package arrived safely.
    AND I LOVE IT.  The colors are perfect and Elliott is perfect! You got his cat stare just right.
    Thanks for the beautiful backsplash! ...Marcia Paxton, LA
  • We received the mural today and it is gorgeous!! The details that we asked for are all there, and we can’t wait to install it.  Everyone is going to be so jealous! You were a pleasure to work with. ...K Singleton, CA












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